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Australian Visa Refusal

Request a Review of an Australian Visa Rejection
It is demoralizing to receive a visa denial or a scratch-off visa, regardless of whether you wish to move to Australia or study there.
Don’t panic if you received a notice from the Department of Home Affairs instructing you to deny your visa application. There is typically a means to find the solution.

Reasons for Australian Visa Refusal The following grounds for visa refusal may not be all-inclusive, but they may nonetheless apply to you:

Ask for a new kind of visa
disappointment with the presentation of the financial limit
incorporating false or misleading information
The applicant’s sponsor didn’t fulfill the standards.
Considering that they were unaware of the course,
There is no connection between the applied course and continued abilities or experience.
Disappointment because no significant initial plans could be made
Mistake in Points
phony documents
In most circumstances, you may be eligible to request a review of your application before the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT).

Who are They?

To evaluate the judgments made by the Federal Government, the working Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) have been a component of the Migration Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) since July 1, 2015.
The Administrative Appeal Tribunal is the principal body that can assess the advantages of a visa application.

What claims AAT?

The AAT reexamines your case file from the ground up, considering all the relevant facts and laws that affect the decision and arriving at a new conclusion. AAT reviews your application once more, together with the evidence you provided, any further papers, and whatever other information you provided to the division.

There is a TIME LIMIT!

If you want to request an appeal, you must do so within the time range specified in your preferred notice letter. There can be an extra application charge for the evaluation as well.

How long must you resist the allure?

Once more, the intricacy of the judgment and the type of visa subclass can affect how long anything takes to handle. However, processing times are typically lengthy, spanning anywhere between 12 months and 2 years.

You should only request a review based on the need premise in exceptional circumstances.

What might happen?

These are the potential results:
The division’s decision to revoke or deny your visa is one that AAT supports. The division makes the same decision. The rejection is still legitimate, thus.

Fluctuate: AAT sends your application back with fresh instructions and recommendations because it disagrees with the division’s decision to refuse or cancel your visa. Your application will then be forwarded to the Department of Home Affairs for additional consideration.

If AAT doesn’t work out, will there be another opportunity for me?

You have two further possibilities if the AAT audit results are “Affirm”:

Application to Federal Circuit Court: In the rare instances where the AAT erred and violated the law, this ought to be doable.

Request for Ministerial Intervention: You can write the Minister a letter outlining a few compelling reasons why you need assistance obtaining a visa. Fewer people can ask for what they want and receive it. If the Minister serves as a mediator, the decision is sound in any instance.

What can JKM accomplish?

You are undoubtedly well aware that requesting a review is a risky and delicate process. This is your final opportunity to have your case assessed.

The group of MARA agents at JKM who are enlisted are quite knowledgeable on the subject. It can properly set up records and case documents and check pertinent rules. We have dealt with numerous visa cancellation and denial cases, so we have developed an interest in the subject and can discuss the likelihood of advancement, potential issues, or better solutions.

Since we are aware of how significant it is to you, we conduct an extensive study and invest the necessary time to strengthen your appeal.

Please contact us right away so that we can assist you with your appeal against the denial of your application for an Australian visa or scratch-off visa.