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Retirement Visa

An Australian Retirement Visa is for people who want to spend some of their retirement years living in Australia. Living abroad in retirement is a beautiful experience, and many people come to Australia to enjoy the warm weather and environment or spend time with family.
If you want to get this visa, you can’t be a first-time visa applicant unless you are the partner of someone who already has a Retirement Visa or you haven’t been to Australia in a long time and haven’t had a valid visa since then. You could apply for the Investor Retirement Visa 405 instead if you don’t meet these requirements.

You can’t apply for another Retirement Visa if you’ve already had one or if your partner has recently been to Australia on a more important visa.

Only retired people who can pay for themselves can get an Australian Retirement Visa, but you can work in Australia for as long as you want while you have it.

This visa doesn’t let you live in Australia permanently, which could lead to becoming a citizen. No matter what kind of Reciprocal Health Care Agreements there is between the government of Australia and the government of your home country, you can’t get Medicare benefits while you’re in Australia on this visa. In Australia, you are also expected to keep up with your health insurance plan.

What is a retirement visa for investors?

As you get closer to retirement, you might decide that you want to use some of your retirement money to help spread your way of life.

Suppose you decide to put money into a business or property in Australia while you are there. In that case, you can get a short visa from the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship called the Investor Retirement Visa.

This is one of the most popular Australian visas because it lets you stay in the country for up to 4 years to check on your investment and see how it’s doing.

To get an Investor Retirement visa, you must be at least 55 years old, have no children besides your partner, meet the payment requirements, and be ready to invest a lot of money in Australia for a long time.

With this visa, you can spend up to 40 hours every two weeks in Australia. You and your partner can also stay in Australia for up to 4 years after the visa is given.