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Skill Assessment

Skill assessment is the most important part of skilled migration and visas that are sponsored by employers. Many visa subclasses require that you get a suitable skills assessment. We can help you get your skills assessed in your field or occupation, whether it’s through ACS, CPA-IPA, TRA, VETASSESS, ANMAC/AHPRA, ACWA, Engineers Australia, etc.

Skills assessments are standardly issued by relevant skills assessing authorities that check that your skills meet the standards they set to work in a relevant occupation. The combined list of skilled occupations that are eligible shows all of the relevant jobs from the 4 occupation lists.

If you’ve finished your trade qualification and want your skills to be evaluated, you need to do the following


Under PSA, TRA will make sure that you are who you say you are and that your Australian qualification is real. They will also make sure that you are doing a variety of tasks and duties related to your nominated occupation at an Australian workplace. With a good PSA result, you can ask Home Affairs for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485). Before you can apply for Step 2 of the JRP, you have to have a successful PSA.

Eligibility: To be Eligible for a PSA

You Must hold an international student visa (as the main visa holder) to study in Australia. A qualification is relevant to an occupation assessed by TRA and given by a CRICOS RTO as a result of a study in Australia. Proof of at least 360 hours of work or a vocational placement relevant to your qualification and nominated occupation, completed in an Australian workplace within the three years before submitting a PSA application.

For the Provisional Skill Assessment/360 Hours, the following documents are needed:

Passport (all pages) (all pages)
One Passport Size Photograph
One Passport Size Photograph
Proof of 360 hours of work or a vocational placement that is related to your qualification


The result of your PSA application will be sent to you by email after the assessment and verification process. If your assessment is successful, the outcome letter can be presented to Home Affairs as part of your 485 visa application.
Important Note: Once you’ve gotten your “Successful PSA Outcome” and are on a 485 visa or have sent in a visa application or are holding a “Bridging Visa” (with full rights), please sign up as soon as possible for “Step 2: Job Ready Employment” through the online portal.


For Job Ready Employment, applicants must find work in their chosen field, report it through the online portal, and send the right registration documents to TRA.


Have a successful PSA result, have less than 4 months left on your student visa, or have applied to Home Affairs for a visa that gives you full (unrestricted) work rights and enough time to finish Steps 2–4 of the JRP (a minimum of 12 months) have secured eligible employment


You must work at least 1,725 paid hours in your chosen job over a minimum of 12 calendar months from the date your JRE began. Leave time, even paid leave, can’t be counted toward the 1725 hours. Claiming work from before: You can claim up to three months of paid work that you did right before you applied online for JRE. This can only be asked for when you fill out your online JRE application.

Previous jobs will only be taken into account if they were:

undertaken with the first employer you registered for JRE \sin you’re nominated undertaken with the first employer you registered for JRE \sin your nominated occupation
undertaken in the three months immediately before your online JRE application
not already used to meet the work requirements for your PSA application supported with acceptable pay evidence for employment arrangements approved by TRA


Step 3 is a Job Ready Workplace Assessment, which a participant may be able to take if they have completed and shown proof of at least 863 hours of paid work over at least six months.
Skilled Progress Report Pay slips/Invoices with Bank Statement


A Job Ready Final Assessment is done after a Job Ready Workplace Assessment has been passed and acceptable proof of at least 1,725 hours of paid work over a minimum of 12 calendar months has been shown.