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Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is located on the southwest coast where the Swan River meets it. Its suburbs offer sandy beaches, and the vast Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mount Eliza, near to a river, gives a beautiful perspective of the city. The state ballet and opera companies perform in the Perth Cultural Centre. It has its center section with a theatre, a library, and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Is Perth A Top City For Education?

Due to its robust economy, renowned universities, low unemployment rate, and State-Nomination Migration Programs, Perth, Australia, is referred to as the “Education City” throughout the world. Perth, one of the most well-liked destinations for studying abroad, is home to more than 35,000 foreign students each year.

Perth is a fantastic city to live in as well as to study. It offers a pleasant environment, amiable residents, and a relaxed way of life.


Perth has been named one of the top 10 liveable cities in the world for more than 15 years.

Even better, compared to other major cities in Australia and throughout the world, living expenses for international students are lower in Perth.

It is therefore among the most cost-effective locations for studying.


Perth has a Mediterranean climate, which means that the winters are mild and moist and the summers are hot and dry. It is Australia’s sunniest capital city and gets clear blue skies 70% of the time.

Thanks to the warm weather and fresh air, we can take advantage of the natural beauty of our state’s outdoors throughout the entire year.


Diversity: In Western Australia, where the city of Perth is situated, people from more than 200 different nations reside, work, and attend school. They practice more than 100 different religions and speak up to 170 other languages.

Convenience & Transport

Our public transportation network is constantly expanding. Students can travel for free or at a low cost in some locations some locations, students can travel for free or at a low cost. In the zones of Perth, Fremantle, and Joondalup, everyone is welcome to ride Central Area Transit (CAT) buses for free.