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The Skilled Independent visa is one of the key components of Australia’s skilled migration program. The Skilled Independent visa aims to attract highly qualified individuals from around the world who can fill certain skill gaps and contribute to Australia’s economic growth.

The Subclass 189 Visa is a points-based visa that allows individuals to live and work in Australia without having to rely on an employer or family sponsor. To apply for the Subclass 189 Visa, applicants must first submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) via Australia’s SkillSelect online system.

The EOI includes the applicant’s credentials, employment history and other relevant information. After the EOI is submitted, the top-ranked candidates are invited to apply for a Visa.

The point-based Visa system is based on several criteria, such as age, work history, educational background, English language ability, etc. In order to prove their English language proficiency, applicants must obtain a minimum score on one of the following English language tests.

A significant amount of the educational background is also taken into account by the score method. Points are awarded based on the degree of education attained and how well it applies to the chosen vocation. For example, a PhD or master’s degree is worth more points because it shows how important advanced knowledge and skills are to higher education.

Age is another factor that the scoring system considers. Points are awarded on a sliding basis, with younger applicants receiving greater scores. This is consistent with the Australian government’s goal of attracting skilled laborers who can contribute consistently to the workforce.

Points may also be awarded to candidates for accomplishing a number of additional objectives, including finishing a professional year and having relevant job experience.

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